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Expert author Kevin Hogan turns the enigmatic art of influence and persuasion into a science anyone can master. The amazing secret of The Science of Influence is its simplicity. After you read this book you will immediately understand why people say "no" to you and learn how to turn that "no" into a "yes" from that moment on.

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The Science of Influence turns the enigmatic art of influence and persuasion into a science anyone can master. Kevin Hogan, PsyD (Eagan, MN), is a dynamic motivational speaker and expert on unconscious influence and body language for the BBC, the New York Post, and such popular magazines as Cosmopolitan and Playboy.

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Kevin Hogan, in The Science of Influence states it as a formula: Credibility = Expertise + Trustworthiness. Very few people can maintain great influence without both parts of this equation. There are certainly situations where the expertise is so profound that idiosyncrasies and even rudeness will be tolerated because the person is so.

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Kevin Hogan – Science of Influence IV. Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email. Contact me for the proof and payment detail.

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A Sampling of Books by Kevin Hogan: 12 Factors of Business Success (Wiley Coming Fall 2008) The Secret Language of Business (Wiley 2008) Selling: Powerful New Strategies for Sales Success (Network 3000 Publishing 2007) Covert Persuasion (Wiley) The Science of Influence (Wiley)

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