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What Is The Speak And Inspire Quest? It’s a quest on Mindvalley done by the charismatic Lisa Nichols. It’s essentially a course that is broken down into 31 bite-sized bits of information for 31 days. Lisa Nichols is an excellent speaker, and does a lot of motivational and inspirational speeches.

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Speak & Inspire is run on Mindvalley Quests learning platform, so what happens is you’re going to go through the program along with hundreds of others under real-time guidance from Lisa Nichols. This particular learning platform launched in November 2016 has so far doubled student completion and engagement rates.

Lisa Nichols On How To Live With Purpose And Inspire Others Every Day Speak & Inspire with Lisa Nichols, a Mindvalley Quest From Single Mom with $12 in Her Bank Account to CEO with Global Fame

The Mindvalley Speak and Inspire 30 Day Quest is with Lisa Nichols. You can now learn about it with a new masterclass training. This training is offered at no charge and it is not just a review, it also gives you tips you can put into practice right away.