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– Design the Training Program – Implement the Training – Evaluate the Training. Five Steps to Effective Training. Needs assessment.

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Jermaine Griggs on How He Used Marketing Automation to Build a 7 Figure Online Business – Bright Ideas for eCommerce Entrepreneurs.

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Update: based on the comments we’re getting, Jermaine sent this PDF about Automation.How does a high school senior from the inner city turn $70 into a multimillion dollar instruction web site?Jermaine Griggs is the founder of HearAndPlay.com, which trains musicians to play by ear, trains them to play by ear with online music lessons and piano.

But in classic “Jermaine Griggs” fashion, I had figured out how to customize the system to include on-page upsales, backend one-click upsales, and all sorts of enhancements and customizations. Infusionsoft soon won me over and let’s just say 1shoppingcart.com eventually released their 1-click upsale technology but it was 2 years too late.