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BORINO – LISTING UNIVERSITY. Sale Page :listinguniversity This product is available Please contact me to get the screenshots proof. You Will Discover The Hottest New Real Estate Strategies, Tactics and Tricks – Borino will ONLY Share Them With A Private Group. You will finally get unprecedented access to Borino to work on YOUR BUSINESS.

The Ultimate Expireds Listing Presentation and how to use it to get the listing contract signed on the 1st appointment every time (complete with all the scripts & handouts you’ll need & can use as your own) CD #7. Follow-up up strategies for Expireds that actually work; The top 10 most successful techniques for success with Expireds

The kit contains everything an agent needs to develop an expired listing campaign. Included were 1) A success guide 2) A step by step workbook 3) 2 DVDs 4) A personal coaching session with Borino 5) And a surprise gift that I will not disclose! This post will focus on the success guide.

You will lastly get unprecedented entry to Borino to work on YOUR BUSINESS. More Than Just Expired Listings Training. We focus on discover ways to get good, motivated “ready to move now” leads: expireds, FSBOs, transient product sales, web leads, referrals, inbound calls, Open House leads, direct mail responses.

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For those who may be able to turn into opportunities, you dont even need to have a listing, lots of agents would let you sit in their homes and do the Open Houses for them. Edited by fatmaxxv ( 02/27/08 05:27 AM ) – Borino – your real estate coach – interviews top US real estate listing agents who make from 0,00 to million per year in commissions.

How To Become A Top Listing Agent – Real Estate Coaching WIth Borino. JIm has been a real estate agent for over 3 years.

Check out FSBORINO: Expireds can be the.