Avi Patric Chan – Cb Super Affiliate Training

Avi Patric Chan – Cb Super Affiliate Training 4.5 out of 5 based on 23 ratings.

JV invite request from Patric Chan, the man behind Clickbank’s #1 Ranked Affiliate Marketing Product.

Hi, Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partner. In 2013, the CB Passive Income License Program was launched and it has proven to convert very well for JV Partners.

CB Passive Income gives you a number of methods for promoting products online as an affiliate and the creator actually offers you the ability to promote his own products and earn commissions on them. The creator of CB Passive Income is Patric Chan who is an internet marketer and best-selling author of WakeUP Millionaire.

You can use any of those methods to bring traffic to the ready-to-use funnels established by Patric Chan, but the main methods the CB Passive Income program teaches you in the training are the paid methods such as the social media ads.

CB Passive Income, as its name suggests is a program that will help you generate passive income. The idea behind it is that you get traffic or leads and Patric will help promote products for you. He promotes ClickBank ( a well-known affiliate network ) products for you, hence the name.

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When it comes to the CB Passive Income program, Patric Chan clearly sticks to his end of the bargain by creating a system that does most of the hard work for you. But it will be your job to send “targeted” traffic in order to build your own list and earn affiliate commissions.

CB Passive Income (CBPI), also known as CB Passive Income License Program, is an Email Marketing product by Patric Chan, best-selling author and international speaker. It's called CB Passive Income because its main goal is to help you promote ClickBank products through Email Marketing and earn affiliate commissions .

CB Passive Income was created by Patric Chan, a top Clickbank affiliate, and author of several books (mostly in the internet marketing niche). One of his books, Wake Up Millionaire, reached the top charts on Amazon a few days after launch.

This is the very latest version 4 of the CB Passive Income License Program by Patric Chan, coming to you live online this Sunday Jan 15 2017. This unique program was first launched by Patric Chan 4 years ago back in 2013.